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Your Message Is Important!

WWPG was developed by best-selling authors to assist seasoned and new authors bring their message from concept to delivery.
Our products and services take the ambiguity and stress out of publishing your life message.

  • Expert coaching based on extensive experience
  • Publishing for each work as an eBook, paperback, hardcover and audio book
  • One of the largest book distribution systems in the industry
  • Marketing advice across many options and channels
  • Low cost entry point and generous authors’ “buy back” pricing
  • Payout among the highest author royalties (60-75% of our net)
Experience 97%
Industry Relationships 100%
Creative Writing Programs 98%
Turn-key Solutions 96%


Click the above button and fill out the Request for Free Consultation form. We will be right back in touch to work with you and plan your consultation. We’d love to hear about your project and provide some initial guidance at no cost.

Comprehensive Service For Authors!

The Worldwide Publishing Group was created by a bestselling author with a vision to serve you, the author, to help you bring your book to market. Did you know that 86% of Americans dream of one day writing a book? However, very few of them will ever seriously attempt to do so; and only a fraction of those who do will succeed.

Not that long ago, once authors had written their books they had to find agents with hope to interest a publisher. Chances were slim to none.

Others unwisely sent their manuscripts to traditional publishers. That road is fraught with problems. No traditional publisher, we’re aware of, accepts unsolicited manuscripts. Why? Because some receive thousands of manuscripts each year, yet publish less than 50 books.

Others, who opted to self-publish, ended with poorly designed books, little to no distribution, and some were left with garages full of books they couldn’t sell and in debt. (Note: Books require climate controlled storage.)

You deserve better. As an author, you need more than a publisher. You need a publishing partner who knows the ropes, and has been where you are. You need someone who understands your needs and is committed to helping you accomplish your writing and publishing goals and achieve your dreams.

Books By WWPG Authors: