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Worldwide Publishing Group was launched in January, 2014 as a new approach to publishing–a full service, multi-platform publishing company. Having been published by several major traditional publishers, owner and CEO Eddie Smith, himself a bestselling author of Christian books, began to see the impact that eBooks, audio books and print on demand books were having on the industry. Almost overnight, publishing companies sprang up with offerings of every kind.

Smith was continually guiding authors through the maze of publishing options. Most were complex and some deceptive.

So, in January of 2014 he launched WWPG. As he says, “I consider myself less a publisher and more an author’s advocate. The goal of our company is to provide our authors with as much value for the dollar that we can; and as much information as possible. There are many ways for a publisher to take advantage of an author today. We work hard to answer every question our authors have.”

Although Smith and his associates provide each author/client with their best counsel, it’s the author who will make the final decisions regarding the title, the cover design and Etc.

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