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SERVICES: AuthorĀ Coaching


You and your message are important. There is no one exactly like you, nor is there another message like yours. You are special and unique. To help achieve your goals, we offer a FREE initial 30-minute coaching call. During this call we want to hear about you and your project. Come with any questions you may have about writing and publishing your book.

Ongoing coaching?

Certainly. We offer one-on-one 60-90 minute weekly author coaching calls during which we will help you write your book better and more quickly than you thought possible. Along with that, you’ll have unlimited email coaching.

Book Shepherding

Book shepherding is our higher level of coaching. During it, our authors have unlimited phone and email coaching. We offer detailed help. For example, we help write the crucial back cover copy of your book, a primary sales tool which is often underutilized. As your book shepherd, we assist you with a great title, cover design, interior layout and more.

Let’s Get Started!

We can help you start your book today.