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SERVICES: Distribution


The sales success of any book involves many factors. One of those is the author’s “platform.” Authors’ platforms are determined by how well-known they are, how large their influence is, the popularity of their previous books, and etc. An author’s platform helps a publisher determine how many books they will likely sell.

A book’s success also has to do with how “attractive” their book is, how universal their topic is, how well the book is written and “the buzz” it creates. In one sense, the book must sell itself. For these reasons and more, no one can accurately project sales of any book.

Marketing: We offer coaching and various options to our authors who ask for them. These include space ads, video book trailers, email blasts, Facebook ads, press releases, author interviews, bookstore catalogs, magazine ads and articles, and more can in some cases boost sales. Most of our marketing services are under $100.

Printed Books:
We distribute our printed books (paperback and hardcover) through our global network of more than 200,000+ online and offline. We specialize in publishing Christian books. Through Ingram, Spring Arbor and our other Christian distribution outlets, we reach virtually every Christian bookstore in the world.

What about Kindle, Nook and iBook? Yes, indeed. We place our books on more than 1,000 online eBook distribution sites. But we don’t stop there. Our eBooks are also distributed to 65,000+ English-speaking libraries around the world.

Audio books:
Your professional voice over, studio recorded audio book will be posted on and Amazon’s

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